Labor & Delivery

Our department serves primarily the 9th and 19th districts. We also accept pregnant
patients from outside this area. In this case, pregnant patients must appear by week 37 of pregnancy in our Prenatal Clinic (in the basement) with all lab results to date and their pregnancy book. Our Labor & Delivery rooms are located in Building N on the 2nd floor. Upon arrival, we request use of the shoe protector bags, though scrubs for fathers are not required. Pregnant patients are received by the physician or midwife on duty who will perform the initial examination in the admissions exam room. After this, an admission CTG is recorded in the „laboring” room, this usually takes half an hour, then a delivery room is selected based on availability, and the pregnant woman can move in.
At our Labor & Delivery ward, we have 5 individual delivery rooms, of which one is an „alternative” room with a birthing tub (we do not have a traditional hospital bed in this room). In addition, two bathrooms are available to laboring women, one with a shower. These cannot be used by visitors. We also have a staff room for midwives, and the administrative station in the common area. Group visits to Labor & Delivery take place every Wednesday afternoon, following the Prenatal Class.


During labor, pregnant women may use the shower, the bathtub upon request, listen to music (bring CDs), and other relaxation techniques such as candles or aromatherapy. Only one visitor may be present during labor, but switching visitors is allowed. Epidural anesthesia is available 24 hours at our hospital. After delivery, if desired, we place the newborn on mother’s abdomen or breast before cutting the umbilical cord. Based on Baby Friendly guidelines, we strive for 1 hour of undisturbed skin to skin contact. Of course, the mother’s visitor may stay with the mother and the baby in the delivery room after delivery, too. In case of uncomplicated delivery, we transport the mother to the Postpartum unit after two hours.

Postpartum and Newborn Unit

Following the birth, mothers are moved to the Postpartum unit, which is located on the first floor of our building. The unit has 28 beds, with 5 single rooms available, of these 3 are capable of holding an extra cot for fathers. The single rooms are available for a fee, and must be requested on arrival to Labor & Delivery. Advance reservations are only possible in the case of scheduled cesarean deliveries. Our unit has 24 hour rooming in, which means babies are placed in a bassinet and with their mothers at all times. Postpartum nurses assist with breastfeeding 24 hours a day. Newborn photography is available for a fee. After discharge, breastfeeding support is available at our Breastfeeding Clinic from our pediatricians.

Szent István telephely

1097 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 1.

Szent László telephely

1097 Budapest, Albert Flórián út 5-7.

Merényi Gusztáv telephely

1097 Budapest, Gyáli út 17-19.

Rehabilitációs Centrum telephely

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